Border to Coast

Border to Coast was founded in 2018 to manage the assets of eleven like minded Local Government Pension funds who, between them, have over £45bn of investments.

We are an FCA regulated company but are wholly owned by the eleven pensions funds – who are also our only customers. On their behalf we are creating several internally and externally managed investment vehicles.

By coming together – often referred to as ‘pooling’ – Border to Coast will help our Partner Funds deliver improved long-term, sustainable, risk-adjusted returns so that commitments to millions of local government pension scheme pensioners can be met.

We are seeking to recruit high calibre colleagues to work in a customer-focused environment ensuring we continue to deliver exceptional investment services to our customers.


We're driven by our values and our customers

We are a customer owned, customer focussed organisation. We were set up with a clear vision and purpose – to deliver cost effective, innovative, and responsible investments now and into the future; thereby enabling great, sustainable performance.

But how we do this is as important as what we do. We take great pride in our values, detailed below.


Working together to create a trusting environment

We are a collegiate organisation. We work together in an open and trusting environment with shared vision and goals to deliver long-term, strong and sustainable outcomes for our customers.

Our working environment supports cross-team working, sharing ideas and reducing hierarchy.


We're open with our colleagues at all levels

We are a transparent organisation. This means maintaining customer and public trust in our integrity to enable us to deliver our objectives. Colleagues can say when they don’t know something, or have made a mistake and ask for help.


Being successful by managing our risks

We are a sustainable organisation. This means investing in our colleagues by facilitating work-life balance; by encouraging personal and professional development; and supporting a creative, flexible and open to change culture that is equipped to evolve new capabilities as customer needs change;

We take a holistic approach to sustainability and as such it is at the core of our corporate and investment thinking. For us to be a successful, responsible and sustainable company we must engage with and listen to our major stakeholders which includes Partner Funds and Administering Authorities, employees, suppliers, other investors and asset owners, regulators and Government. We invest in our people and our relationships as well as in investment opportunities on behalf of our Partner Funds.

We believe that businesses that are governed well and run in a sustainable way are more resilient, able to survive shocks and have the potential to provide better financial returns for investors.